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    Gutter Helmet


    Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota, Duluth MN, is Gutter Helmet brand installer offering a solid aluminum panel that covers the entire gutter. Gutter Helmet can be installed on existing metal gutters or new gutters. Gutter Helmet has a patented, extruded aluminum bracket that goes under the second row of shingles and screws into the outer lip of the gutter. Installation differs with a metal roof. The Gutter Helmet panel installs under the second course of shingles and snaps into the front of the bracket, holding it securely in high winds. It is easy to see how Gutter Helmet keeps leaves, pine needles and other debris out of the gutter. The solid panel means no screen or mesh that consumers would need to clean out on a regular basis.

    The most common question is, “How does the water get in”? Surface tension is the answer. Surface tension is basic physics of water. Water follows, and sticks to a surface. Gutter Helmet received its first patent in 1981, establishing them as the pioneer of gutter protection. Having been around for that period of time, they have most certainly improved the product in several, patented ways. They focused mainly on slowing water down so that it can handle large amounts of water at once.

    Gutter Helmet has been tested and proven to handle over 22 inches of water per hour without shooting over the nose. Gutter Helmet is also backed by a Triple Lifetime Warranty that covers material, performance and is transferable to the next home owner.

    How It Works


    With Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota, we are the first choice for Gutter Helmet products, they’ve worked hard to come up with an innovative product that filters rainwater through your gutter protection system while still keeping the debris and gunk from clogging up your gutters. Their patented system is one of the best gutter protection systems offered to consumers and works by utilizing the concepts of surface tension and gravity. With a Gutter Helmet system, they will guarantee you won’t be spending your weekend cleaning out your gutters.

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    I can't express enough of how happy am I am with the service Gutter Helmet provided my home. Everything is top notch, high quality and I would recommend these guys to anyone!!

    Ryan M September 18, 2020